Rotterdam centre by night (Cinestill 800T film)

A few weeks ago we both bought two rolls of Cinestill 50D film and two rolls of Cinestill 800T film. Very curious what photos to get out of the rolls, we quickly put the first roll of 800T in an Olympus mju II to shoot with it.

We planned to go on an insta mission to Rotterdam centre by night, as we learned that Cinestill 800T is the best in low light situations and that some light sources like neon light would give a nice effect.

Shopping night

Every Friday night the whole city centre is opened till 9pm so that'd be a perfect opportunity for low light shots. As the Lijnbaan is the main shopping street of Rotterdam, it's always busy with people - even at night - and the shops get fully lighted in bright colors, trying to attract those same people to the shop. After the Lijnbaan we walked on to the Binnenwegplein (which is also always brightly illuminated, like a mini version of Times Square in NYC) and Karel Doormanstraat as well.

As you see on the photo of the cars in the dark street, there appeared a orangey-red light leak. On the website of Cinestill we found out the 800T film is very vulnerable for light. So some crack in the film door of the camera must have caused that. Luckily it was just on two of the shots and the rest was unharmed. And on this shot we think it looks pretty cool because it gives a bit of a sci-fi effect to it. Also on the 'Lijnbaan' and 'Capri ijs' shots the Cinestill film gives a nice strong effect on the neon signs, without making the light beaming and the text unreadable.

Witte de With

Friday night is not only a shopping night but a party night as well, so therefore we decided to pay a visit to the Witte de Withstraat. Normally this street is one of our favorite places to drink a beer or a glass of whisky, all the more strange to see people going out while you are there to shoot some photos (that aren't selfies like they make). And on the Witte de With we were fortunate to find many more shops with - now and then pretty tacky, but for the occasion oh so nice - neon signs.

We ended our night mission by walking towards Museumpark, where we took some shots that came out pretty nice. They had less neon lights involved so it was good to see that other light sources can illuminate the surroundings very well on this film, too.

We think we can conclude that Cinestill 800T is film that is very fun to use. It requires a bit of a user manual, as we took some shots in too dark environments sometimes, and then it just takes too long to take a shot and the image gets blurred. Light sources that are beaming too much aren't a good match either, as the details of the image fade with it. But if you achieve the ideal middle ground, you will be surprised with your results and the 800T film adds an awesome mysterious, cinematic ambiance to your photo.


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