Transitioning hospital

In July 2018 I was hospitalized in the Erasmus MC hospital in Rotterdam for a few days. Days in which I had the sole instruction to stay around the hospital and come back on time for the check-ups and appointments with the doctors. Around this time Erasmus MC had completed the 9 year long construction of its new buildings and was closing down its old. A few departments, and the hallways leading thereto, were still open because they weren’t moved out yet, so I decided to capture the area before it was too late. After visiting those places I wanted to discover the new locations as well.

I mostly chose to make photos of the visitors of the hospital, as I identified a lot with their mood, behavior and actions. The long waiting, walking down long hallways, supporting your loved one, thinking about what the doctor just told, or guessing what that doctor is going to say.

This was the building I visited from the age of becoming an adult on. I visited the children department of the hospital (Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, which is also visible on the photos) since the age of 4. A part of my life is in these buildings, but the part for the upcoming era is all set.

Shot on Ilford HP5 Plus (ISO 400, box speed) with an Olympus mju II. Edited with Negative Lab Pro.