Pronunciation: /ɣəˈstɑltəs/
Plural of 'gestalte' (Dutch)
1. Forms, shapes, figures
2. ‎Silhouettes, appearances, statures
3. Collective of two friends with a passion for photography and the city, on a constant lookout for the best locations

Gestaltes is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and founded in June of 2016.



June 5th 2016 Gestaltes was founded
August 10th 2016 Reached 1K followers on Instagram
October 5th 2016 Reached 2K followers on Instagram
December 23th 2016 Reached 3K followers on Instagram
March 15th 2017 Reached 4K followers on Instagram
May 19th 2017 Started with Analogestaltes, a feed for our analog photography
June 5th 2017 Gestaltes 1 year anniversary, on the very same day we reached 5K followers on Instagram
September 18th 2017 Launched the website and webshop, making it possible to buy limited edition prints and other Gestaltes products
July 6th 2018 Our fine art prints are now available at Groos Rotterdam